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Owner and other comments

"Snoopy Seven is a healthy, happy, playful dog. He brings joy to our family.
     He loves to eat and play outside.".

Cristina Diaz Hinlo - A member of snoopy seven's family

"We missed not having a dog in the family, so started doing some research and thought a beagle would be a good choice.  Searched the ads in the area on the internet.  The first I found was on the outskirts of Manila, didn’t really want to go there.  Then I found one in Tarlac, but never got a reply from them.  Finally found one closer in Angeles, with a catch line something like; “Why not get a British dog from a Brit”.  Was able to get in contact with him and just like in the movie they were out running around, not locked up in cages.  So ever since a little before Xmas we have had Duchess and she is fitting in real good with the family".

scott Reid - Owner of duchess