Beautiful Beagles - HOME
Litter - 11 January 2016

After seven puppies, Tutu took a rest.
(Bob was not so happy about that!)
This time we were a little less successful in terms of numbers, 
but some VERY healthy puppies were born.
This is the start of the journeys of
Maxwell, McKenzie, Mustard, and Moonlight.
Three boys and one girl.

Healthy mother = healthy puppies - Minus 4 days

Healthy mother = four healthy puppies - plus 1 day

one very strong and very adventurous puppy - plus 1 day

Bob, the dad, looking rather pleased with himself

beginning to be individuals,
take on their own character and appearance - 9 days

EYES OPEN! Beautiful! - 16 days

Look closely - all 4 puppies!

very relaxed about being combed and washed - about 3 weeks

now they are beautiful beagles!- 5 weeks

Picture perfect - toby (maxwell)

come and get me - mckenzie

the big boys - mustard & mr biscuits (moonlight)

Thank you
lovely lorena for looking after the lovely puppies
we all love you!

Mum, dad, lorena playing with 3 puppies
outside rough & tumble - just as it should be!

new owners!
New homes!
New adventures!
New people to love us!
All very happy!

more to follow!