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Litter - 16 September 2014

Tutu was 18 months old before she had her first litter.
Six girls and one boy puppy were born. All beautiful!
Below are the first steps on in the journeys of (kennel names) -
Agartha, Pangaea, Little One, Spanish Key,
Miss Mabry, Black Magic and Jack Johnson.

Healthy mother = healthy puppies - Minus 1 week

Healthy mother = seven healthy puppies - plus 1 week

only 2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

6 weeks old

8 weeks old

10 weeks old

They all found good homes, some remain in touch,
and we are proud to see healthy dogs bringing great happiness to people.

Snoopy seven - (kennel name - Jack johnson)

Mugsy - (kennel name - Miss mabry)

duchess - (kennel name - Spanish key)