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Why Beagles?

They are known to stay young at heart,
and are very happy dogs.

the parents - bob and tutu - just a few weeks ago.

Your heart will smile when your Beagle
greets you at the gate with a wagging tail.

I do not think any dog expert would recommend
feeding multiple dogs, even puppies, from one dish.
these pups never had even one nasty word with each other.
they are good dogs!

I cannot 100% say that Beagles are NEVER NASTY.
They are dogs, and I think they might be capable of being nasty BUT,
as one of our owners pointed out, neither of us have ever
seen or even heard of a Beagle biting anyone.
Following from this, they are GOOD WITH KIDS.

my daughter, when she was 2, giving bob a difficult time.
He takes it all in his stride.

They are very HEALTHY dogs.
Tutu and Bob have never been ill for one day.
If you were to search for images of Beagles from 100 years ago,
they look very much the same as they do now.
This shows that they have not been bred to make
their legs shorter, or  backs longer, nose shorter etc. 
Because of this, they do not tend to have
the health problems which many highly bred dogs have.
They usually live to more than 10, often 15 years of age.

We think that Beagles are a GOOD SIZE.
It is an individual choice, but we think
that they are not too big, not too small, but just right!

Bob looking his usual guapo self.

Beagles are generally very EASY dogs to look after.
They do shed some hair, but it is short,
and there is not very much of it.
Their short coats do not need brushing or cutting.
They do like food, they like to be fed regularly,
but they will eat a variety of things.
They are LOW MAINTENANCE in many respects.

Your Beagle is VERY unlikely
to attack anyone entering your home,
however, they will act as an alarm
and let you know that there are visitors.

Beagles do have a reputation for HOWLING,
but Tutu and Bob have only howled on a few occasions,
it has not been a regular thing over the years that they've been with us.
and it has happened when they have been upset.

I am sure you realise that we are dealing with nature
and there can be NO GUARANTEES with any of these things.