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Why our Beautiful Beagles?

Tutu & bob are both lovely, healthy dogs.

Because our dogs are well looked after
 they produce beautiful HIGH QUALITY puppies.

You can buy with confidence.
You can meet both parent dogs, spend time with them,
judge their condition and their characters,
because we own both the sire and the dam,

watching the world go by the front gate.

You will be buying ENGLISH DOGS from an ENGLISHMAN.
I try to be open and honest in all my dealings.

There is a contract which tries to be fair to both parties,
and acts as Proof of receipt and all the details.

first page of the contract.
click here to download both pages.

If you look around this site, you will see evidence
to back our claim that we have a proven track record.

We have stayed in touch, with several of the owners
and they all have very handsome, fit, happy dogs
which bring them great pleasure.

We have often been able to give
help and advice to the owners.

I have great confidence in my dogs!

As soon as Tutu, the loving mother, becomes pregnant
she benefits from an increase in the quantity of her diet.
It is a high protein, high quality diet.
meat (fresh and tinned)
fish (fresh and tinned)
full fat fresh milk (not boxed UHT)
some vegetables
pellets (Pedigree for puppies)

Tutu continues to be walked
till just a few days before delivering the pups.

Tutu's pre-birth diet continues. 
She has a constant supply of pellets and water. 
There is, more emphasis put on the full cream, fresh  milk
This is the first thing that the puppies will graduate to, 
and it is introduced through their mum's milk.
Tutu now loves having porridge oats in her diet,
and, again, the puppies are being introduced 
to the next step in their diet through mum's milk

At about 3 or 4 weeks , the puppies will get 
slowly increasing amounts o porridge oats in their milk.

At about 4 or 5 weeks , the puppies will get 
increasing amounts of high quality puppy pellets
which have been soaked in their milk, along with porridge oats.

The puppies will get a lot of eggs.
They might even start to get a a few vegetables, even a little meat.
This mixed and varied diet, 
means that they are unlikely to be fussy eaters.

They are supervised and within sight, 
within hearing, most of the day. 

They start, for the first month, with a heat lamp at night.

Very importantly, the puppies are socialised, 
picked up and handled several times every day. 
This includes being introduced to their dad. 
This is not normal practice, but he is 
such a well mannered dog and plays nicely with them. 
They meet all sorts of different people. 

They make a start with their toilet training.

The have a large clean room to run around in,

they are exposed to different environments,

which helps them build confidence and strength.

Beagles are not necessarily the dog for you
if you want your dog to do tricks - rollover, beg, shake paws ... etc.
They can be trained though.
Our dogs go outside to command, do not eat until told that they can,
sit to have their leads put on, sit to command.
I believe that Beagles are very emotionally intelligent.

We boast that we have beautiful fat little puppies.
We think that it is important that they are fed ahead of their growing curve,
with plenty of fuel in the tank to fulfill their potential.

just in case we forget -
bob - my favourite boy!

All owners to date have been given a large number of
photographs of their puppy growing up.

My handsome top dog Bob
has provided successful stud services
and is available.