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The aim here is an overview of the priorities in terms of our mutual expectations and understandings. I think it is helpful if you can also read ‘FURTHER INFORMATION’ where some points are explained in more detail.

EXP.1: You can expect me to do everything I reasonably can to help students make progress with their journey of Mathematical learning.

EXP.2: It is expected that the 'STUDENT INFORMATION FORM' will be completed and bought to the first session.

EXP.3: Please understand that the first free session has the main purpose of assessment. I want to have an idea of the students’ knowledge, skills and application, along with their approach to learning. I am also very happy to use some of this time to meet and talk with parents/guardians.

EXP.4: It should be understood that part of this initial assessment is to see what I can do to help the student. My teaching experience is with the age range 8 to 18. I am happy to talk to any students, but will not agree to tutor if I do not believe that I can help them.

EXP.5: Students will attend all sessions punctually at 4-5 SACRE COUR STREET, CARMENVILLE. Sessions will be charged for the appointed time whether or not the student is present, unless 24 hours notice is given.

EXP.6: Equally, if I am not able to attend any session, and do not to give 24 hours’ notice, one half hour of tuition will be given free of charge.

EXP.7: Payment is expected to be made at the start of each session.

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EXP.8: Students will be expected to be mentally and physically ready for work and to have all necessary equipment.

EXP.9: We will work for the entire appointed time. Though breaks might be taken, those are at my discretion, and the expectation is that we are meeting to do work together!

EXP.10: I can be expected to give necessary feedback on the students’ progress.

EXP.12: It is expected that students will take responsibility for their learning. This is with the understanding that learning is not something which is ‘done’ to them. They are at the centre of their learning and it cannot happen without their active engagement.

EXP.11: I do have have high professional expectations of myself. I have high expectations of my students too. I will be honest and try my utmost to fulfil any commitments I make. I will behave courteously and respectfully towards my students, and expect that to be reciprocated and extended to all others.

EXP.13: It can be expected that the students will be treated as individuals, with individual needs. That, after all, is one of the great benefits of private tuition.

EXP.14: This document might be quite serious in tone, but you should understand that students usually have some FUN! whilst they are learning with me. Not only can you expect me to accentuate the positive, but I endeavour to create a relaxed, yet purposeful atmosphere. Education is serious business, but best approached with a smile on your face.

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+ The information on this page, and other pages on this web site, are the basis of any agreement between us - I do expect to be accountable for the statements which I have made.

Copyright 2014 - Richard Messenger

Copyright 2014 - Richard Messenger