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The quickest thing is to simply CONTACT me.

You should probably look at this page, then the SUMMARY page, and then CONTACT me.

You could move through the links on the first row of the menu above. Have a look at EXPECTATIONS, then FURTHER INFORMATION and the SUMMARY before making CONTACT.

If you have the time, you would really gain a good idea about what I offer as a tutor, by looking through all the documents which are available from the links in the main menu above.

These documents form the basis of any agreement between us and I do expect to be held accountable for the statements which I have made.

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Students will gain an advantage from HIGH QUALITY TUITION with a British born, British trained, internationally experienced teacher.

Students can expect a sympathetic and empathetic ear for ALL LEVELS OF ABILITY from someone who understands that Mathematics is not easy

Students will receive all possible positive reinforcement and have opportunities to EXPERIENCE SUCCESS ... with your English as well as your Mathematics!

Students will benefit from my PROVEN TRACK RECORD of achievement.

Students will work in a purposeful though relaxed and even ENJOYABLE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT with full support and guidance.

Students willl soon understand that I like to win, be part of a WINNING TEAM, and will do my best to make sure that happens.

Hourly Rates

4+ students = 200 pesos
3 students = 250 pesos
2 students = 300 pesos
1 students = 350 pesos

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