Mathematics Tuition - Summary of what I offer


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I am a British born, British qualified, with wide international experience. You can expect me to use my considerable skills and experience to do my best to help students. I will do my job. I do expect to be held accountable for the statements which I have made.

I also expect students to do their job too! Be on time, be prepared to learn, complete any follow up work which is required … and so on … but, above all, to try to do the best that they can. Students are likely to receive only large amounts of praise, if they make an effort!


Education is a serious business, but I very much believe that it is best approached with a smile on your face. It is with a smile on my face, at the acknowledgement of reality, that I say that the subject of Mathematics is difficult.

I will conduct ongoing assessment and find a level at which a student can experience success. I will then build from that platform and go forward with small steps. Students will be asked a lot of questions, required to think, and through this approach they will develop understanding. It is only through understanding that the student can experience sustained success.

All this will be most easily achieved in a positive, enjoyable yet productive environment, and I do my best to make that a reality.


It is my preference to work in groups of 2 or more. This is because working in groups helps with the learning of Mathematics, and it also helps with the development of important life skills.


Parents have an important role to play in all aspects of education. In respect of Mathematics, if they can simply have an ongoing conversation about Mathematics that will help in many ways. Parents can start to make Mathematics a normal part of life and express a positive attitude along with high expectations that our students will try their best.

AND ...

I will try to be receptive to all questions and to information shared. You should not be shy to make contact with me. Nothing will be lost, and much might be gained.

Copyright 2014 - Richard Messenger

Copyright 2014 - Richard Messenger